Our Space and House Rules 

Photo by Michael Palma Mir

Photo by Michael Palma Mir

So much to see. So much to do. And so many places to let your creativity run wild. Here are the spaces you can discover:


The lively outdoor plaza we share with our Sugar Hill neighbors is where we host block parties, concerts, literary festivals and even a farmer's market!


A world of creativity awaits as soon as you step into The Lobby. Our friendly museum staff will meet and greet you and direct you on your way. Feel free to browse The Shop, our museum gift store.


Our indoor courtyard is the perfect place to enjoy pop-up exhibits, and to sit and reflect on your Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling experience.


Come discover photography, paintings, and other works of art forms created by distinguished artists whose lives and artistry speak to the vibrant cultural history of our surrounding communities.


In addition to rotating group shows and thematic exhibits, The Salon features projects created in collaboration by artists and children.


This exciting space is the heart of the Museum.  In The Main Gallery, we present special exhibitions in a variety of media, often created just for our Museum, including commissioned, site-specific projects inspired by the history and cultural legacy of Sugar Hill. The Living Room Bleachers offer a gathering space for our visiting school groups, and a space for both planned and impromptu storytelling programs and chats with artists and educators. 


Stories in all shapes are shared on The Stage, from tales told in the oral tradition to performances of dance, music and theater.


This is where experiments in creativity happen. Get your hands dirty with clay, paint, and other media. Organized workshops and ‘lab time’ are open to all, so be sure to drop by to explore, experiment and express yourself!


The home of our artist-in-residence, The Studio offers Museum visitors the chance to learn about creative inspirations and artistic techniques directly from an artist! Each resident artist shares the works they create during their residency through Open Studios and a culminating exhibit.

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Our House Rules

Sugar Hill Children's Museum is our home, and just like your family, we have house rules! These make it possible for everyone to experience our programs to the fullest. So we ask that you please follow these guidelines when visiting our galleries and attending our programs. Thanks!


All children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older throughout their visit to Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling.


Strollers are welcome in the galleries, or you can park your stroller in the coat check on the lower level (the gallery floor) of the Museum.

During large events or at crowded exhibitions, we may ask you to park your stroller for the security of the artworks. At these times, a sign will be posted and Security will direct you to the coat check.


We have a coat check and it's easy to use!

  • We recommend checking coats, but it's not required. If you don't, coats must be worn – not carried – in the galleries.
  • All backpacks and umbrellas must be checked.
  • All packages and bags measuring 14x14 inches and over must be checked.
  • Rollerskates, rollerblades and razor scooters must be checked. 'Heelys' sneakers may not be used in the galleries.

You're welcome to take the following with you into the galleries:

  • Handbags or purses no larger than 14x14 inches.
  • Notebooks, paper and pencils for note-taking and sketching.


We all have them and love them, but ask that you please be discreet when using your cell phone in our galleries, by briefly and quietly answering a phone call, texting, etc. Taking photos with your phone is fine, but please, no flash!


These important animal companions are always welcome in our Museum. However, New York City prohibits us from allowing any other animals into our facility.


  • Please, no food or drink in the galleries, including water bottles. But you are welcome to snack upstairs in the lobby, or outdoors in The Yard or on The Stoop.

Why? Spills are messy and dangerous and food-stained fingers spoil the artwork!

  • We don't allow pens and markers. Please use pencils only.

Why? An ink stain could permanently damage an artwork, and there is a possibility of scratching its surface.

  • Please do not touch the artworks, their frames, cases or signage, or lean on walls or cases, UNLESS signage says otherwise.

Why? Art is fragile, even if made with high quality materials. Fingers have oils which can stain the delicate surfaces of art works, which are difficult or impossible to repair.

  • Please turn your flash off when taking photographs.

Why? This rule protects our artwork by limiting exposure to external lighting.

  • No sitting or lying on the floor. (At the discretion of Teaching Artists, some guided groups may gather together and sit on the floor during their visit.)

Why? We want to keep our pathways clear for everyone to move freely through the Museum, and don’t want you to get stepped on!

  • If you’re wearing 'Heelys' sneakers and don’t have other shoes to wear, you must walk.

Why? Rolling through galleries might sound like fun, but it’s not safe for the all the little children who’ll be in your way!

  • We just don’t allow shouting, running, jumping, throwing items, or other disruptive behavior.

Why? Safety, common sense, and courtesy to others.