Community Matters: Housing + Education + Art

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Community Matters is BHC and SHCMAS's annual fundraising event, including a reception and dinner celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Dorothy Day Apartments, and the power of housing, education, and art to build strong communities.  Honorees include Hillary Rodham Clinton, for a lifetime of public service in support of underserved children and families, advocating for women’s rights and creating opportunity, domestically and abroad; Margaret Anadu and Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group for its investment in Dorothy Day Apartments-- a pioneering initiative to apply the supportive housing model to families, along with an early childhood center and art gallery; author and actor Sonia Manzano for her contributions to children’s enrichment and storytelling, and serving as a role model for children; Iconic American Artist, Faith Ringgold for her contributions to art, storytelling, and social justice. 

Honoree of Special Distinction

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton 

For a lifetime of public service in support of underserved children and families, advocating for women’s rights and creating opportunity, domestically and abroad.


Margaret Anadu 
Managing Director and Head of Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group

Sonia Manzano 
Emmy award-winning actress and author

Faith Ringgold 
Iconic American Artist 

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For information on event sponsorship, please contact:
Evie Adsetts
212-335-0004, ext. 12