School Tours

The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling strives to deliver an experience that is both rooted in the principles of Reggio Emilia, while maintaining the traditional museum education practice of Visual Thinking Strategies, affording students the opportunity to pull information out of a work of art using visual clues and then to explore how to communicate their ideas through the use of a variety of materials also related to the materials found in our exhibitions.

For school visits, we lead visual inquiry based tours using the work in our three galleries as our main source documents. Regardless of the length of the tour, children will be guided through the galleries and encouraged to devise stories about the artwork they are experiencing. 

If schools would like to connect to one of our galleries specifically, or to something that is related to the curriculum teachers are working on in the classroom, our education department will be happy to craft an experience specifically for your students.

Each of the following art making options is appropriate for children of all ages. Facilitation is adapted to meet children where they are developmentally.

Please read through the options below and click on this link, or the one at the end of the page, to fill out and submit your school tour form.

Art making workshops:

1. Imagination to Actualization

Students are led through the 3 galleries using visual inquiry strategies and body movement to tell stories and personally identify with the works on view. Once in the Studio Labs, students are asked to recall something from their tour. Something interesting, something strange, something confusing, inspiring etc. They are given no less than one minute to visualize a memory from their tour. They then have the opportunity to write or sketch their memory. Using their writing or drawing, students are given collage and building materials to actualize their memory and then to tell the story of their work of art.

2. Collective Storytelling/Group Poetry

Students identify specific words that come to mind during the gallery tour portion and create illustrated and collaged squares to represent the identified words. These squares are put together to create a collective visual story or poem that is read aloud during reflection. Students have the opportunity to explain how their designed square illustrates the word they identified. These vocabulary words are discovered during the discussions that occur in the galleries.

3. Freestyle

In this workshop, students have the opportunity to engage with the Studio Labs in a self-directed way, making use of the variety of materials available to create a work of art that is related to the artwork we have on view, ie: re-purposed materials, drawing and collage implements, building materials. Students will tell the story of their work of art during the reflection portion of the workshop.

Each of the above tour experiences can be facilitated during the following timeframe options:

  • 60 minutes: $150

Includes10 minutes in each gallery and 30 minutes of art making in the Studio Labs.

  • 90 minutes: $175

Includes 45 minutes exploring galleries, 45 minutes of art making in the Studio Labs.

  • 120 minutes: $200

Includes 60 minutes exploring galleries and 60 minutes of art making in the Studio Labs.

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